6th Logix Publication: Future of City Logistics Real Estate

LNC erstellt zusammen mit MRU sowie Dress & Sommer die 6. Logix-Publikation: Zukunft der Citylogistik-Immobilien

LNC, together with MRU and Dress & Sommer, produces the 6th Logix publication: The Future of City Logistics Real Estate.

Against a backdrop of plummeting sales due to e-commerce, the consequences of the Corona pandemic, increasing traffic congestion and new environmental demands, the challenges faced by municipalities in designing city centers are increasing. In the new Logix publication on the future of city centers and city logistics real estate, the authors explore the proactive role of logistics and logistics real estate in designing cities and urban centers for the future. The focus is on innovative urban planning approaches for low-car as well as ecologically and socially sustainable city centers. LNC LogisticNetwork Consultants GmbH, MRU GmbH and Drees & Sommer form the team of authors.

By examining the role of logistics in the design of sustainable and attractive city centers, Logix is addressing an economically as well as socio-politically relevant issue. The challenges for inner-city logistics are enormous and concern us all. We are pleased to be able to contribute to this discussion," comments Michael Kuchenbecker, Senior Consultant at LNC GmbH.

The publication is scheduled for release in October 2021. All studies and research papers of the Logix Initiative are available for free download at www.logix-award.de/forschung