Study "Change in commercial delivery traffic and its impact on urban logistics" now published

Die „Studie zur Veränderung des gewerblichen Lieferverkehrs und dessen Auswirkungen auf die städtische Logistik“ wurde jetzt veröffentlicht. Diese wurde im Auftrag des BMVI von der LNC LogisticNetwork Consultants GmbH mit dem Fraunhofer IML erstellt.

The "Study on the change in commercial delivery traffic and its impact on urban logistics" has now been published. This was commissioned by the BMVI and prepared by LNC LogisticNetwork Consultants GmbH with Fraunhofer IML.

The research project comprises an inventory of commercial delivery traffic in German cities. Fields of action and factors that significantly influence developments in the field of urban logistics were identified. The study describes approaches to solutions and options for action as well as their effects. As a result, this delivery traffic study makes an important contribution to the necessary discussion among all stakeholders and identifies possible paths for implementing measures.

A major contribution of the study is to collect and systematize practical examples, to derive solution modules and to prepare measures with regard to their transferability. The ten solution modules developed - urban collection and distribution centers, micro hubs, goods transfer systems, night delivery, sharing concepts, vehicles with alternative drive systems, alternative vehicle concepts and means of transport, traffic control, delivery zones / delivery management and the delivery traffic officer - have positive effects on urban delivery traffic, either individually or in combination. With the practical examples and solution modules, municipal stakeholders in particular are provided with tools for learning about measures, assessing them and implementing them together with other stakeholders.