Network competence

Progress in mobility, logistics and aviation: Professional networking is the key.

Logistics systems and chains are built, maintained and further developed by nodes. LNC is a node/hub where qualified access to information, knowledge, partners and markets is created, used and managed. 

On the basis of action concepts, we design and manage clusters and networks that enable participation and synergies via targeted measures such as innovation projects and events, create trust and serve as a breeding ground for new ideas and innovations.

The basis is always location-based value chains that enable horizontal and vertical cooperation. We implement this either on behalf of clients, such as industry and technology initiatives for governments or associations and federations, or on our own initiative for research and development projects.

In our networks, the focus is primarily on personal contacts.

Networking with other similar networks is a matter of course for us. We interact and cooperate successfully worldwide with transport and logistics industry, trade or export associations or federations.

LNC networks mainly comprise our partner networks, which enable us to handle special projects, for example in the field of dangerous goods, to be active at international locations or to offer complete solutions. Here we assume responsibility and pursue the idea of the sharing economy. In many cases, we act as mediators and intermediaries for a wide range of interests and requirements and form the "connector" to bring together those who belong together.