Act LEAN - because holistic solutions are the future

We provide you with relevant competitive advantages through innovative concepts and measures that make a significant contribution to ensuring the provision of logistics and transport services. In addition to the factors of effectiveness, performance and efficiency, we also take social and humanitarian aspects into account: Logistics helps.

The years marked by the Corona pandemic have shown how systemically relevant the entire logistics sector is and how fragile supply and logistics chains are. The challenge we face is the realization of resilient transport and logistics chains. This also includes the availability of qualified specialist personnel, which, among other factors, is suffering from demographic change.

Logistics is the solution to our challenges

Partially or fully autonomous systems in intra- and transport logistics compensate for a lack of resources. Demographic change is also increasingly calling for logistics in the private sphere: care at home, provision for senior citizens' shared apartments, delivery services, driving services and other services are required to enable age-appropriate living in one's own home.

Better living through intelligent logistics

Logistics interacts with people for people. Logistics enables participation in trade and value creation. It creates jobs and prosperity and brings people closer together.

With our services, we support you throughout your entire value chain. Developing new services, integrating them into regional and supraregional transport and logistics concepts, making better use of alternative modes of transport, or making corporate logistics more efficient through new systems - the interplay is crucial.

Our range of services: from feasibility studies and the development of business plans to marketing and attracting investors.

Our services play a decisive role in the development of logistics nodes and their intermodal interfaces and links. This includes port and airport concepts as well as supplier parks in the automotive industry, in the shipyard industry or in the aviation industry up to individual logistics real estate.

Acting cooperatively - achieving success in the community

LEAN means success through cooperation and collaboration, the creation of synergies in networks and partnerships. The logistics and aviation networks we have built up and operate are a worldwide basis for new projects and cooperation requests on a daily basis, which we arrange primarily among network partners.

Our reference projects are the "Logistics Alliance Germany" for the German Federal Government and German logistics industry and the state initiative "Niedersachsen Aviation" for the aviation and aerospace industry, which is attracting international attention.

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As our home football club "Hannover 96" already expresses in its anthem, we never leave our customers alone. And our Berlin location? "Union Berlin" with "Eisern Union" in its anthem puts, like us, the unity in the community in the foreground. From the "green field" to the complete marketing of settlement areas and creation of the necessary infra- and suprastructures we support you.




  • The Flex Q-Hub at the mieri mobil

    The Flex Q-Hub at the mieri mobil

    From June to December 2021, the Mierendorff-INSEL will be the venue for several pioneering mobility and logistics projects. These include Stadtquartier 4.1 with its "Flex Q-Hub" and cargo bike sharing, which is intended to bring the neighborhood a step closer to the goal of neighborhood-based logistics and mobility.

  • Aerospace Forum Lower Saxony-Russia

    Aerospace Forum Lower Saxony-Russia

    Hanover: Russia is one of the leading space nations and is pursuing ambitious goals in the field of civil aircraft construction. At the beginning of the 2000s, a consolidation of the aerospace industry took place.

  • Successful 8th German-Russian Logistics Forum in Hybrid Format

    Successful 8th German-Russian Logistics Forum in Hybrid Format

    More than 200 participants from Russia, Germany and other countries illustrate the success of the 8th German-Russian Logistics Forum held on 13.04.2021in hybrid format at the LNC studio "TRANS4LOG" in Hanover.